Double Dilemma


Let’s begin with the box. This Springbok Puzzle from 1988 is called Double Dilemma. The front of the box we see an empty very intimidating looking crossword puzzle. I saw this in another M.C.C. Thrift store in Abbotsford and was immediately drawn to the black and white grid. I turned the box over to find actual crossword clues.


Here is a close up of the back of the box. I’m much more of a jigsaw puzzler, every once and a while I’ll pick up a crossword. I usually only end up with a quarter to a third of the answers. This one was no exception. Finally after a year of waiting, I pulled this puzzle out and started to sort the pieces.


I must admit, I attempted to solve the crossword, but in the end I let my jigsaw skills take over. It was quite a challenge, working on it over three whole days! I was so relieved to find it complete and in excellent shape. Below is a close up of the completed dilemma.


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