Alexander Magno visiting Apelles’ studio

I have been silent for a while, I know. There is a good reason for this and today I finally get to unveil why I haven’t been around!

A trip to Value Village February 2017, Joe noticed a large box in the puzzle section. He said “hey Lina, did you see this one?” I walked over… “I did, but it’s so giant!” He then noticed it was still factory sealed which meant it would be complete. After about five minutes, I was convinced that yes, I should purchase an 8000 piece puzzle. Our dining room has been a puzzling site for about six months!

This is indeed an 8000 piece puzzle that I assembled during recital season at the dance school, while rehearsing lines for my new position as a tour guide, and yes, it did sit there for eight weeks while I was away in Europe. I came back about two weeks ago so eager to finish this.

It measures 1.92 m in length by 1.36 m in width. Manufactured by Educa puzzles. I am not sure I will do another one so large unless I have a large working table, sitting on the floor for so long ended up being quite hard!