M.C. Escher Up and Down

To date some of the more challenging puzzles I’ve put together have been artworks by either M.C. Escher or Jackson Pollock. thank you Pomegranate for making this puzzle! This is a 1000 piece puzzle and once the pieces were all laid out, my first thought was : where do I start!?

This was found at Value Village Thrift Store and I was pretty happy to learn that it was complete! This one took me a few days, but it was super fun.

This reminded me of when I visited the Escher museum in Den Haag a couple years ago. It was really amazing to see his work up close, I was especially impressed with his earlier pieces which didn’t have such a focus on the optical illusions, like this one.

I do love in this image how you see the same scene from slightly different angles, but it still seems to make perfect sense.