Pictorial Jigsaw Puzzle World Map

“A completely interlocking, educational, jigsaw puzzle – bordered by the complete set of the flags of the United Nations.”

Well, this is a treasure, in 1950 there were 60 nations in the United Nations. This puzzle box has no date or piece count but there are 60 flags on the border of this puzzle, making this a 70 year old jigsaw puzzle! If I had to guess I’d say the puzzle was about 250 pieces, they’re large and sturdy, seeing as this was obviously made for kids.

Many of the countries don’t exist anymore and the Canadian Flag shown here is our old flag.

The manufacturer is Jaymar, which I’ve done a few of their puzzles in the past. As I said, sturdy, vibrant, however a loose fit. The entire image is littered with little factoid bubbles – about the 7 wonders of the world, natural phenomena, moments in history, and masters of architecture and art! It’s certainly educational! This lovely little puzzle is complete. 🙂

“As yet, science has no answer”