Safari Splash

My local thrift store is open again!!! I can’t tell you how much I missed searching for pre-loved puzzles. I found a vintage Springbok puzzle of 1950’s mementos, an illustrated map of Montreal puzzle from 1991 and a mini Wasgij puzzle.

During the past two months, I found a YouTube channel allllll about puzzles. Karen Kavett Puzzles. She mainly reviews puzzle brands but she has some fun “how to” videos if you’re thinking of trying out a puzzle for the first time, etc. I really enjoy the videos where she goes through her collection and shares info about them. It’s really something I do if anyone asks to borrow a puzzle, I love the fun facts around the puzzles I own and sharing them with anyone who will listen. 🙂

She turned me on to some newer brands that I hadn’t heard of before including Wasgij. As you’ll see in the photo below, there are hints and questions, meaning that the image on the box is not what you’ll be assembling. This is the moment that I let you know I will be including a photo of the puzzle answer below.

This is what the man in the lounge chair saw!

Now this being a mini puzzle, only 54 pieces, it was not hard, it took about 2 minutes to complete. It was really fun to learn about a brand I hadn’t heard of before, to then find one in a thrift store on my first thrifting outing and get the chance to try it out!

Thanks to Karen Kavett! Check out her instagram and YouTube channel for some delightful puzzle related talk and images @karenpuzzles