Gotham News

Gotham News by abstract painter Williem de Kooning. This puzzle is a 1969 Springbok release and has to be one of my all time favourites. Firstly, I just love this style of painting, similar to Jackson Pollock, there is so much texture and subtlety.

I found this puzzle in Ontario while I was visiting my good friend in Kitchener and we happened upon this puzzle in a thrift shop at real thrift shop prices! Even though I had to fly back to Vancouver with this fair sized puzzle box, I bought it. This was a gem of a find. And every time I assemble this, I think of my dear friend Megan Fay.

We met almost twenty years ago when I was starting a new serving job on Halloween. She was training me that night and she was dressed as Snow White. We were fast friends, and while she moved to Ontario almost 15 years ago for a Masters program, we pick up where we left off, every time we get the chance to meet up. She is a gem!

This puzzle is 500 pieces and complete.