And then there were none – A pictorial of Vanished species

This is a typical “Lina” puzzle. A collage of many different animals in one drawing or painting. To make it even better, it’s an F.X. Schmid puzzle! When I purchased this at Value village, I didn’t notice that this was showcasing animals that are extinct. Not until I got it home did I comment on the title of the puzzle and then I realized what it was exactly. This puzzle dates back to 1995, the artist’s name is Neecy Twinem. Apparently it used to have a list of what all the animals were inside the box, but sadly no list.

This was not your average puzzle, super challenging as the pieces were all unusually shaped and not interlocking. Often to assemble a section, I just had pieces resting beside each other. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but throw two curious kitties into the mix and this was a puzzle adventure! Thankfully complete and in great shape.