Garden of Hummingbirds

This is the third of my personalized subscription puzzles! A new puzzle company popped up recently called Indigenous Collection by CAP. Joe noticed that I had mentioned them a couple times and pointed out some in shop windows so he included one in my Christmas present!

This particular picture is the work of Artist Richard Shorty, who was born in Whitehorse, YT. He is from the Northern Tutchone Nation, and eventually moved to Vancouver in 1978.

He eventually began exploring the Northwest Coast First Nations design and then developed his own distinct style marrying all his experience with painting over his life. I love this image of the hummingbirds, where some are in shadow and others are detailed and colourful!

I am a bit sorry to say that I do wish the puzzle was slightly better quality. I felt the puzzle cut wasn’t really differentiated enough to help with the all white part. Having some more noticeable difference in the pieces can really go a long way! You might also see that the finished product is a little rough, I don’t really understand this because I didn’t have any trouble with false fits or pieces fitting too loosely. But it simply didn’t lay flat, I picked up the puzzle without problems too.

I took a rolling pin to it, which I’ll do with some of those very snug Springboks and I hate to say that did nothing. Oh well, the picture is lovely and I really enjoyed learning about a new artist, he has even contributed to a mural in town that I’m gonna go look for! 1000 pieces and complete 🙂