Van Gogh – Starry Night

It’s such a treat to put together a puzzle of a painting or work of art. Since you’re assembling the puzzle in your home and hunting for the next pieces, you really start to notice all the small details. This painting is amazing! Of course I knew that before, but I appreciated having some more time inspecting details up close.

It’s truly incredible! I already mentioned in an earlier blog post how I loved Vincent Van Gogh as a kid, so I suppose I’ve got a bit of a biased opinion 🙂

This was painted after Van Gogh had checked himself into an asylum. This is apparently the view from his bedroom which was painted from memory! The brightest star in the sky was likely Venus, which was visible when he painted this in June 1889.

This is a 500 piece puzzle released by the Italian brand Clementoni. This was my first Clementoni, and I have to say… it’s awesome. They have a nice fit and the pieces feel sturdy with a really nice finish on them. A touch glossy but there was no peeling and no puzzle dust!

I will say that I was relieved that it was only 500 pieces. I didn’t want a super hard puzzle this time around. Just something enjoyable and pretty.