Wild Canada

I’ve been seeing this brand of puzzles in shops around Vancouver called Stand Out Puzzles. Their packaging is pretty unique, they come in a tube which definitely make them “stand out” from the regular puzzle boxes. They feature Canadian art and artists which makes a nice gift or souvenir. Whenever I’ve seen them, I found the price pretty reasonable too!

The artist featured here is Sandra Dumais from Toronto originally, now based in Montreal, Quebec. This was a pretty fun puzzle to assemble, I didn’t look at the poster provided to make it more challenging. It was also a little more challenging because of the overall pastel colours.

I found this at Value Village and honestly almost missed it! It was in the kids section, where I never look, but they had just rearranged the store layout so I ended up there by chance!

The quality of this puzzle was pretty nice! Very similar to Cobble Hill, the finish is a matte linen finish and they have random cut pieces. It wasn’t the most secure fit, and I’ve said this before, that really is not an issue for me. There was a bit too much puzzle dust though, after a while I feel it in my nose and eyes, the dust makes them so dry!

There was also another feature that I haven’t seen before, a little bag with trick pieces! They provide you with a few pieces of the same image but from a different cut so you can choose whether or not you want the extra challenge. I had actually forgotten to mix them in but I thought that was kind of a neat trick. This puzzle was 750 pieces and complete. All in all, I’d pick up another one if I found one at the thrift shop again.