Niagara Falls, Ontario

It’s kid tested! I recently found this vintage Guild by Whitman 750 piece puzzle at Value Village. I chose it because I remember visiting Niagara Falls with my family as a kid. The falls are absolutely amazing, I was blown away as a kid and all the other times that I visited after that. It never lost its power, in my opinion.

But what I found most amusing about this particular picture, is the focal point is the 1962 construction called the Tower Hotel! Forget the stunning waterfall, have you seen this bulbous concrete tower with this amazing viewing deck?

Now, don’t get me wrong here… I love the architecture of the Tower Hotel. I love modernism/brutalist styles, concrete, sleek yet bulky lines and minimalism. It’s a special time in architecture, if you ask me. I am aware that this can be a controversial opinion but we can all like different things!

I noticed there was a 750 piece puzzle of the Planetarium in Vancouver too. I hope to someday find that, the Planetarium is another amazing 1960s building and boy would I love to have it in puzzle form! I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled.

In the meantime, please enjoy these sweet vintage cars. This puzzle was complete, a true treasure!