Sibley’s Backyard Birding – Portraits of Favourite North American Birds

I was so thrilled to find this puzzle at Value Village a few months ago! I have been hoping to find a puzzle by Potter Puzzles for a while and the fact that this one had all these different birds all over it was a plus! David Allen Sibley is a renowned Ornithologist, he’s drawn this collection of birds and has written and illustrated a series of nature guides.

Assembling the puzzle was actually a bit of a challenge, there were a lot of off white pieces and I soon realized that it was not a complete puzzle. Naturally, I assembled all the colourful bits first because they stood out the most, by the end of all my colourful pieces I still had a few incomplete birds.

All in all the puzzle was missing 54 pieces! I never understand how you can manage to miss that many pieces, but maybe they were lost in transit to the thrift shop?

I do think that having these gaps in your finished product looks kind of cool so I wasn’t bothered by it. I had intended to pass the puzzle onto a friend who takes really beautiful photos of birds but I just couldn’t do that to him. I did keep the poster from the puzzle to give to him though.

I love that rockin’ little Blue Jay and of course… the Bald Eagle is my favourite! So regal!