Tiger Family in the Jungle

One of my very first difficult puzzles that I ever owned was a 2000 piece of a photo of a white tiger and orange tiger sitting side by side. I remember the first attempt, I didn’t finish it. I just put it away for a few years and then finally mustered up the courage to try it again. Of course, the second time around I was successful. 🙂

Any time I do a puzzle with tigers on it, I think of that one from years ago. This one was not that difficult, at all. It’s a release by Buffalo Games and I got it in a Bunz trade.

I like a good Buffalo Games puzzle, they often have a good challenge level so you don’t just blow through your puzzle but you’re also not stuck for days agonizing. This one is 1000 pieces and complete. I’ve put it back up on Bunz and we’ll see what I trade it for.

I also think these baby tigers look very strung out! I think because the artist used the same colour for the eyes as their fur. It is kind of funny!