Classic Italians

It’s been a while since I did a Piatinik puzzle. Correction… completed a Piatnik puzzle. I had started one a while ago of wine corks, nothing but wine corks and it was a total slog so I decided to call it quits.

I mean, do I need to complete every single puzzle I start? Not if I’m not enjoying it. That’s kind of a new philosophy for me, I used to always think that I had or should complete them all. But I realized… this is supposed to be fun not boring, or frustrating, or painful, if I’m not liking the challenge or quality, it’s “done”.

This here puzzle on the other hand, was great! Vintage poster art, bright colours and that late 1940s aesthetic. I’m not that big into cars but this puzzle cried out “buy me!”

So I did, and I completed it this week on a day off, I was a little sad to see the one missing piece though. It doesn’t devalue the experience any less though.

I found this at Value Village, it’s 1000 pieces and has one missing piece.