Last weekend, I took a quick trip to Vancouver Island, to Ucluelet. What a gorgeous place! The weather was a little stormy though I have to say not quite as bad as it was here on the mainland. Several towns and highways have flooded and washed out, people are being airlifted out of trapped areas and rescued from their flooding homes by boat, it’s intense.

But I’m getting sidetracked…. On my little trip I brought a Micropuzzle with me that I had picked up a while back. It’s called Engineering.

These little puzzles are a fun distraction and can be quite challenging! The pieces are so small that I do find it a bit finicky to assemble them. But they really are perfect for puzzling on the go, the packaging is so tiny and you could easily carry a few of them in a travel bag.

I’m not really “into” engineering so it wasn’t necessarily the image that made me buy this, just simply the fact that I wanted to try the brand.

This little thing is about 150 pieces and complete.