Art Nouveau Tiles

A few months ago, I completed a Cobble Hill puzzle featuring a few different paintings by Franklin Carmichael. You may remember that the puzzle was thrifted and missing one piece along the border.

Cobble Hill saw that on Instagram and commented saying they were sorry to see the missing piece and that they wanted to send me a puzzle for free to say sorry. I clarified that it was a thrift store find and that I really don’t mind but we ended up having a nice chat over messenger. They ended up offering to send me three puzzles to showcase on my blog!

I was so happy! Three brand new puzzles?! I chose three really cool puzzles, that I thought would be fun, challenging and puzzles that I’d want to hang on to for a while to do over again.

This Art Nouveau Tiles by Barbara Behr was the first of those puzzles.

Ever since I led our Art Deco Walking Tour at work, I have realized just how much I love the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Streamline Moderne eras of art and architecture.

Details, curlicues, floral motifs, nature, you name it. It’s all so beautiful and the simplest daily objects are so ornate and colourful.

I puzzled this over the weekend a couple of weeks ago, with a couple other puzzlers that also had this in their collection. I loved it, it was fairly simple but I do love images that are laid our like this. In a grid, you basically assemble several mini puzzles, it’s so fun!

This puzzle is 1000 pieces, a gift from Cobble Hill, brand new and complete! Stay tuned for the other two!

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