TIME-LIFE Wilderness


Parker Brothers partnered up with TIME-LIFE Books and created these beautiful collage jigsaw puzzles. On a weekday afternoon trip to Value Village in Vancouver, I found three of these Wilderness puzzles. Each one collages three to four pictures from one area to create a beautiful image. I of course couldn’t decide which one I liked best so naturally I grabbed all three!

I have to let you know that this was a particularly easy puzzle, the pieces are large and the images are clear, that being said still a beautiful puzzle. A 625 piece jigsaw, complete.


I have done some research, and still cannot figure out when this puzzle was manufactured. I’m going to guess before the mid 70’s as I have completed some of the Star Wars merchandise puzzles from 1977 and the pieces were thin and flimsy contrary to the thick ones of this puzzle. This set of puzzles was manufactured in Canada, the description below is written in French on the other side of the box.


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