Beauty Unfolding

A beautiful Springbok circular puzzle. I’ve spoken in an earlier post about round puzzles but for new readers, I’ll recap.

Puzzles generally take a square or rectangular shape usually staying true to the original piece of art or photo. Springbok, established in the USA in 1963, was the first American puzzle to introduce a round and hexagonal puzzle border. The creators Robert and Katie Lewin were inspired by round Waddington’s puzzles bought in the UK. In 1967, Springbok editions was bought by Hallmark, and continued producing some of North America’s most famous and reliable puzzles. I do not know when this puzzle was manufactured but if I were to guess, I’d say mid-eighties.

The back of the box has a few fun facts about The Canna Lily as well as a poem. I honestly can not remember where I found this puzzle since I’ve had it for a while. No pieces missing.

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