Karl Marx Stadt vor der Kongresshalle 

In 2010/11, I spent a year living and traveling in Germany. Most of my time was based in Berlin, I hadn’t been there to date and was curious to experience the culture and history of the city. I had never considered that I might be able to find some interesting and rare (in North American standards) jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle does not have a date but I do know that it predates 1990. A puzzle produced in the German Democratic Republic, or GDR. Karl Marx Stadt (Karl Marx city) is now known as Chemnitz in Germany, restored to it’s original name after reunification. This particular image we see a scene of East German life, citizens enjoying the sun on benches in front of the congress hall.

This puzzle was two Euros, found in Berlin, manufactured by Annaberger puzzles and is complete. The pieces are thin but strong.

Once assembled the puzzle is not particularly strong, the pieces fit together loosely. Overall, not my preferred puzzle manufacturer. The following photo is one of the struggles a puzzle enthusiast/cat owner experiences from time to time

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