House of Stairs

M.C. Escher is possibly the perfect choice for a jigsaw puzzle image. Nothing makes sense, it’s all lines, black and white and the pieces are all cut the same way. A 1000 piece puzzle made in Holland for Selegiochi Milano, this puzzle was found in a Salvation Army Thrift shop nearly seven years ago.

I had just moved back from Germany and into a new Vancouver apartment with an old school friend. We had run into each other at Victory Square, had a quick catch up and found ourselves both in need of a new place to live. This puzzle was one of our first joined puzzle efforts. I think it took us about a month, I can’t remember exactly but I do remember that we couldn’t eat dinner at the kitchen table for a while. I wasn’t sure if i would ever assemble this one again. I pulled it out a week and a half ago and started to sort the pieces.

I finished this last night, Chester knocked it off the table only once and after I disassemble it I do feel I’ll pass it on.

The brand looks like they specialise in M.C. Escher, if I find another one I’ll grab it. This puzzle is complete.


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