O Christmas Wreath

A wreath shaped puzzle?! Christmas edition puzzles are very popular, what puzzle lover wouldn’t love a reason to do a puzzle on their winter break? Springbok has the festive puzzles mastered, I have to say though, this is by far the best one I’ve found yet. I found it in a Salvation Army Thrift Store in early fall and have waited two Christmas’s to put it together. Last year was just a bit too hectic and I hadn’t found the time, but this year I made sure to set aside some time.

A few things I find very interesting about this puzzle; obviously, the wreath shape cut, how cool is that?! The poem on the back of the box, the font of the title is a bizarre choice for a festive puzzle, looks more like a dog tag or GI Joe font.

And finally…. This Springbok puzzle is a grid! It is the first one I’ve ever found that isn’t the usual oddly shaped signature Springbok pieces. I have to research this.

This was manufactured in 1987 and is complete.

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