Jackson Pollock, Convergence

I finished it!! A Pomegranate puzzle, of Jackson Pollock’s Convergence was my Christmas gift from Joe this year. I had been saving opening the brand new puzzle for a little while, finally on Feb 12, I decided it was time to start my new puzzle. Apparently, in 1964, Springbok made a 340 piece puzzle in the same image, it was dubbed the “hardest puzzle in the world!” Fast forward to 2016, and Pomegranate makes a 1000 piece puzzle.

This really was a tough puzzle. For the first three days I sat down to work on it, there was minimal progress. I started to worry. Would this be my undoing? The image above, is four days in!  This was actually the turning point, I began to assemble the white splashes of paint and gradually filled in the rest. I completed this last night, ten days after opening the box.

Filled with pride and relief, I sat and admired the picture. I remembered visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York and seeing some of his work in real life. I had always liked his work, but I had never imagined how stunning the paintings would be, they left me absolutely speechless.