The Lord Mayor’s Show

This here puzzle was a bonus. I picked up a vintage 1200 Blue Ribbon puzzle and when I opened the box to look inside, I found another vintage puzzle! A 470 piece manufactured by Waddingtons, dating back to the late fifties/early sixties.

The box is a bit worse for wear and the pieces are a loose fit but who can say no to a free puzzle?! I looked up the Lord Mayor’s Show and this is apparently a ritual in London, England, dating back hundreds of years. A yearly event in which the newly elected Mayor takes a procession through the city and country to recieve the blessing from the monarch. There is an old fable of Dick Whittington and his cat, which every year the story is pantomimed for the audience.

My favorite thing about this puzzle is the personalized note on the box…..

Dear Eddie,

Hoping you have a good time making this. All our love to you, Midge and Ken