A Secret Garden

In June we adopted a couple of kittens. Alomar and Otto, it has been so much fun to watch them grow and discover, they are hilarious! Here is a photo of them, Alomar’s in front.

Having one kitten, you can manage to steal a moment and puzzle, two, means you take about a six month break. I remember I bought this puzzle in the summer and tried to start it on our kitchen table, I was able to work for about 15 minutes before I got their undivided attention.

Yesterday, they were especially tuckered and enjoying a nap in their new favourite spot (on top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets) so I silently pulled out this puzzle and got to work. It’s a pretty easy one and I was able finish it last night. It is a Galison Museum Puzzle, 500 pieces, 1 piece missing. Bonus… 2 extra pieces from a different puzzle.