Joseph Stella – Battle of Lights, Coney Island

A couple months into staying home from work and life, I was getting a little nervous that I just might run out of puzzles to blog about! I could assemble past puzzles but I wouldn’t be entertaining the crowds with my puzzling antics.

So what I decided to do is head over to the Vancouver Art Gallery Store website and treat myself. Two 1000 piece puzzles by Pomegranate Art Piece puzzles. The one that you see above by Joseph Stella and another by Group of Seven Tom Thompson. I was basically searching for images that would present a good challenge but of course something I was drawn to as well. I didn’t know anything about Joseph Stella before I received this, but it turns out his career and style falls into my typical tastes and era. I seem to be very drawn to the futurist styles that led to the Art Deco era and movement.

Close up of the dancing woman bottom right.

I visited Coney Island in 2007 or 2008 while on a trip to New York for work. Not to get too controversial here, but I didn’t love being in New York. However for me that’s not totally surprising, I’m not too into crowded places, loud noises and fast paced action. So I basically found the city too overwhelming. But when I visited Coney Island, it was March, virtually deserted and having the sense of big open space right there was much needed!

Overall, this puzzle was amazing! Pomegranate remains my favourite, this image was the perfect challenge and the colour work and details held my attention the whole time. 1000 pieces and complete.

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