Tom Thomson, Autumn’s Garland

Back at the start of the Pandemic, I had a small-ish stack of puzzles and a lot of free time on my hands all of a sudden. I was seriously worried that I was going to run out of puzzles!

I decided to order a couple of 1000 piecers from the Vancouver Art Gallery gift shop. I bought this one and another that I did a couple of years ago called Coney Island, Battle of Lights by the Artist Joseph Stella.

I completed the Joseph Stella one first and never actually opened up this one, because I wanted to savour it but I was also pretty intimidated by it. Then the thrift stores reopened and I found so many good puzzles, I think a lot of people had cleared their homes, or donated any puzzles they bought and completed. Whatever it was, thrifting was so good when stores opened back up, so I guess I was a bit distracted at all the fun new puzzles I had found.

I was right to be intimidated! This was a tough puzzle, the painting is so abstract and up close, all broken up into little pieces, you really don’t have much information to work with. But, I had moved it across the country, it’s feeling so autumnal here, the colours in Halifax are so pretty, that I thought this would be a nice one to put together to celebrate my first autumn in Nova Scotia.

I really am so amazed at how up close, looking at the brush strokes, this picture looks so chaotic and abstract, but when it’s all assembled, it’s such a beautiful landscape. I am so in awe of artists that can do this, it’s truly incredible!

Will I do this puzzle again? I have to be honest and say, no. The quality of Pomegranate puzzles never disappoints, but this one was tough and the colours don’t quite excite me as much as the Joseph Stella painting. All the blues and the style of painting, is a little more up my alley.

1000 pieces, complete and gorgeous!