This past weekend, Joe and I went on our vacation to Salt Spring Island. If you aren’t familiar with our area, there is a cluster of islands in B.C. called the Gulf Islands and Salt Spring is one of them. It’s a beautiful little place with plenty of outdoor activities and a lovely laid back vibe.

Unfortunately, the only nice day we had here was our first day taken up mostly by ferry and bus rides. After that, the smoke rolled in and we had to change our plans. We hit up the thrift store and picked up a couple puzzles (at real thrift store prices) as we figured that we were going to be indoors a bit more than we had expected.

This gorgeous puzzle is produced in England in St. Albans. I’ve never found a puzzle by Alban before, the quality is awesome, similar to Ravensburger and F.X. Schmid. Even though we had to change our plans around we had a nice time and my thoughts are with those battling those scary fires.

This puzzle is 1000 pieces, complete and vintage from 1999.

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