Neotropical Rainforest

The puzzle along for March is “Wild Things”, all week long puzzlers on Instagram have been posting their animal puzzles, different ecosystems, you name it! This of course is right up my alley. It was hard to choose a puzzle for the week!

Well… I had been intimidated by this particular puzzle that I picked up at the thrift store this past fall called Neotropical Rainforest. It’s definitely one of my favourite types of puzzles to assemble (Aldabra – Coral Island, Rainforest, and plenty more!) but wow, that’s a lot of green!

It was really impossible to photograph all the details in this puzzle, but if you took some time and really searched, you’d see that almost every inch of this puzzle has so much wildlife drawn into the picture. Just like in real life, there are so many creatures that call the rainforests home.

Even though this did pose a challenge, it went together a lot quicker than I expected. The greenery was separated out into sections within the puzzle, so you could rely on texture and leaf pattern. It wasn’t really anything to be intimidated by!

This was manufactured by a brand that I’ve never come across before – Kingdom Puzzles – it was released in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Scientific Artwork Company in 1991. The artists name is Earl C. Bateman III, and the back of the box identifies all the flora and fauna shown in this picture.

All in all, I had a pretty good time with this puzzle. I always enjoy detailed nature puzzles, I love the challenge and the opportunity to learn more.

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