Meersburg – Die Wein und Burgenstadt

I recently picked up this lovely vintage German made puzzle of the old castle at Lake Constance (or the Bodensee). The puzzle is manufactured by a company called Zweipunkt Verlag KG and it boasts 444 pieces!

The quality of this puzzle was amazing! The pieces were strong and had a lovely glossy finish on them. They locked together securely and the finished puzzle product survived a one hand puzzle pick up challenge, quality. I don’t know how old this puzzle is but there was no wear to the box or the pieces, sometimes you’ll start to see the images peeling away from the cardboard, not so with a puzzle by Zweipunkt Verlag KG!

As I was assembling the puzzle, I suddenly realized that I have visited this castle! Back in 2017, joe and I went to Germany for month and while we were staying with my Aunt, she suggested we drive to the Bodensee and see the town and castle! What are the odds? If you ever find yourself in Baden-Württemberg, I can highly recommend Konstanz. It was a lovely day trip.