Lina’s Puzzle Club

I meant to do a Christmas post this year, but just never got around to it! I did do a couple mini puzzles just for fun, but no big projects this year.

I did want to dedicate a post to my awesome present from Joe this year. He wanted to see if there were puzzle subscriptions that he could sign me up for but didn’t quite find anything he thought I would like. So…. he decided to make one that I’d like!

He shopped around for some cool puzzles, and made a brochure with the rules for the club featuring a photo of Otto and Alomar – saying that they love to puzz! (Sometimes I say puzz instead of the full word and Joe thinks that’s pretty funny)

The rules are… that I can open a new puzz per month, as long as I’ve completed last month’s puzz and instagrammed about it. In the next photo you’ll see there are five boxes, I opened one by Four Point Puzzles of the Moon and then Joe said I could open another 🙂 Another Four Point Puzzles one that I’ve seen and always thought was so cool. I can’t wait to open the others when the time comes!

Best idea ever, Joe is the greatest and I’m so lucky.