The Women of Star Trek

I found this puzzle in the lobby of our apartment building. This puzzle is manufactured by Cobble Hill, though it has a different finish from regular Cobble Hill puzzles. It was more glossy and it seems to be part of a series of Star Trek puzzles.

I actually haven’t seen much Star Trek, I did used to watch the Next Generation with my mom when I was growing up and I’ve seen a handful of the original series but I have to be honest, I didn’t know too many of these characters.

I thought this was still a pretty cool puzzle though, and being in separate blocks it was pretty easy to get together. A Netflix and puzz type of image if you will 🙂

I liked this little tile, I din’t know this character but I like the ship and the writing behind her.
Doctor crusher was always a favourite of mine in the 90s.

1000 pieces and complete!

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