Star Trek Cats

This one is for all the cat people out there, all the cat people that love Star Trek, all the cat people that have wondered what Star Trek would look like if the characters were all cats! An accurate depiction of kitties in retro sci-fi space!

Our new friends here in Halifax learned that I like puzzles, and they asked if I wanted to do a puzzle swap. I loaned them my Hennessy Retro Vintage Trailers puzzle and they loaned me this Star Trek Cats puzzle. This artwork is done by Jenny Park and I have to say…. Bravo! I certainly had a good chuckle every time I moved from scene to scene.

I’m pretty sure that they love Star Trek, they’ve named their pets after characters or the actors that play Star Trek characters. I wish that I still had my Women of Star Trek puzzle, I would definitely have loaned that one to them. If I ever find it at the thrift store, I’ll definitely pick it up!

These cats! Like I said, every time I moved from scene to scene, I noticed some goofy cat detail. It was super fun! The brand is Chronicle Books, a publisher of sorts. This was my first puzzle by Chronicle Books.

It was pretty good quality, it kind of reminded me of Galison, the pieces had a paper backing, but they were a looser fit and not as glossy. I didn’t have any issues with pieces fitting in the wrong place either, which is good, because there were a lot of dark and moody areas in the picture.

I hope that we continue on with the puzzle swap trend, I think that we have similar but different tastes in pictures. I also hope that they enjoyed the trailers puzzle, because I really liked their choice for me.

1000 pieces and complete!


  1. This is a great puzzle! I think foxy Spock translated well into cat form! I’ve actually had the Star Trek Cats puzzle on my wishlist for some time now but my last puzzle by Chronicle Books had so many bent pieces that I’ve a bit hesitant to purchase another. If you still have the puzzle box, could you please look on the back of the box and tell me where (city and/or factory name) in China the Star Trek Cats puzzle was made?


    1. Hi there, I am so sorry for leaving this reply so long! Work has been so busy and I have let things slide 😦
      This puzzle says that it was made in Heshan, China by QP group. Hope that helps you out!


      1. Thanks that’s where my super bendy animal puzzle from Chronicle Books was made. I’m glad your puzzle had good piece quality but I think I’m going to skip acquiring this puzzle, at least for now.

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      2. Agreed. I’ve done one great puzzle by them (a LEGO one, made in a different factory) and that bendy animal puzzle made by QP Group. We have one more puzzle by Chronicle Books (another LEGO one made by QP Group) that my husband bought a couple of years ago but we haven’t put it together yet.

        Here’s hoping that going forward Chronicle Books is using that different factory, that one great quality puzzle was released in Sept or Oct of last year.


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