Canadian Pacific – James Crockart

I’ve had my eye on this puzzle for a while. I love the imagery on this vintage poster by James Crockart in 1936. The feel is very similar the the Vintage Canadian poster puzzles I’ve found in the past by Lantern Press and Andrew’s Blaine Puzzles.

This puzzle popped up in my Instagram feed a while back and I had commented on it. The puzzler who goes by the handle trashpandapuzzles messaged me and asked if I wanted them to send it to me! It turns out, they’re in Victoria so we arranged a puzzle mail swap. I sent the Atlantic Canada puzzle once I had completed it.

I haven’t done a Eurographics puzzle in a long time, it’s not a snug fit so the puzzle feels kind of fragile but I generally work on a piece of foam board. I never really have many complaints about a looser fit. I thought the pieces were strong and had a nice finish to them. A touch glossy which isn’t always my favourite, but it’s not a deal breaker. I did appreciate that even though the fit was looser, it was obvious when you found the right connection, that is a must!

This puzzle was 1000 pieces and complete. I’ll definitely pick up another Eurographics puzzle in the future.

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