Travel Canada – Vintage Posters

Todays jigsaw is a simple classic. Vintage travel posters of various spots that can be found in Canada. The manufacturer is Eurographics, a really weird brand, which I’ll get to in a little bit.

This puzzle reminds me a lot of that wonderful series by Andrew’s Blaine and Lantern Press, the vintage Canada poster puzzles. I found this at a thrift store in Dartmouth, recently, and even though I don’t always love this brand, I gave it a chance.

This brand… Sometimes the pieces are cut in a random shape pattern, or they have a loose fit, or they’re glossy, or maybe they’re matte with a linen finish. There is no consistency with this brand, I don’t get it! Before I bought this, I opened the box up to take a look, I saw ribbon cut pieces with a glossy finish.

You might be able to see that there is only the one type of piece, two ins and two outs. It can be hard with such little variation, but since the puzzle is made up of all the smaller pictures in a collage style, I knew it would be fine.

All in all, I had a really good time with this puzzle, the styles of the pictures, the text and the various colours, all made for some good puzzle time. Who knows why Eurographics is so inconsistent? Maybe they just can’t decide what makes for a fun, good quality puzzle?

They do usually have great image curation though, check out some of their puzzles I’ve done in the past: Rainbow Cupcakes, Almond Branches in Bloom, Canadian Pacific.

You’ll see that I have a differing opinion in each post! Hilarious. This one was fun, it’s 1000 pieces and not missing any pieces. I think this will stick around for a while because I’ll probably want to do it again sometime 🙂

How many of these places have you been to? I think I’ve been to 14 of these places and in the general area of some of the others .