Photomosaics – Tiger

You don’t find these Robert Silvers Photomosaics too often at the thrift store. So, when I see one, I make sure to pick it up. I especially loved that this one was all photos of big cats! The photos aren’t always on theme, which I think is totally fine, but in this instance all the wildcats in various states of alertness made this a super fun puzzle.

When I was working on this in the kitchen, Joe was watching a show that I don’t like too much, but he would hear me giggle or comment every now and then from the kitchen. He’d pause his show to ask “what’s up?” and I’d simply comment “oh nothing it’s just a lion stretching out in the sun.” It’s so wild how Otto and Alomar behave the exact same way as all of those wildcats. I love it!

The face of the tiger!

This was a 500 piece puzzle, which was just the perfect size. Manufactured by Buffalo Games at some point in the early 2000s, I found it at Value Village and it was complete!

Now, the most important part of this blog post, Alomar – our very own house tiger – sitting on the completed puzzle.