Designer’s Guild

My fourth and second last puzzle subscription from the best Christmas gift ever! A shaped puzzle by Galison of Peonies! Peonies are the most beautiful flower, they’re big and strong, but they look so delicate. I love the different shades of pinks and whites, and they smell amazing!

This puzzle had me daydreaming of those early summer days that the peonies bloom in Vancouver. It’s a delight, and it’s around the corner!

I’ve written about Galison Puzzles before, and this one was no different. The quality is perfect, the pieces all laid out look like candy, the colours are saturated and the glossy finish is so pretty. Glossy puzzles do have a slight downside in that they reflect the light, so it can add a challenge to your puzzle, but I really don’t mind if a puzzle is glossy or not.

This lovely puzzle is 750 pieces, complete (obviously) and so pretty once assembled, it really brightened up my week!