D.O.A. War on 45

About a year and a half ago…. Joe had gone record shopping with a good friend of his. He came home and said “I got you something!” Sometimes he might come home with a record for me, but this time… he pulled a jigsaw puzzle out of his backpack.

I was pretty impressed, but I told him he’d have to work on this with me, seeing as he’s the one who likes the band. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know much about this band and I certainly wouldn’t purchase this for myself. Not really my type of puzzle imagery. It was a good choice for a puzzle though, distinct colour sections, varied bits of text and a little bit of challenging black and white illustrations.

I must say that I do not approve of the little child marching with a machine gun! All personal tastes aside, Joe and I had a really nice time putting this together over the long weekend. Saturday was kind of rainy and grey so we pulled this out for the morning. I sorted the pieces by each section, which I wouldn’t normally do but I do think that’s helpful if you’re puzzling with a buddy, and we got to work. He even pulled out his LP to use as a reference and I used the box. I was kind of thankful that there was a baseball game on or I know we’d have been listening to the record too. Ha ha ha ha!

The overall quality? Terrible! Loose fitting pieces, a whole bunch of them didn’t cut all the way through, so you either had to keep them together or cut them with a craft knife, risking your fingers and the sturdiness of the puzzle piece. And strangely, both top corners were a bit chewed up so the pieces didn’t lay flat or even fit together properly.

The brand is Anarcho puzzles based out of the UK. 500 pieces and complete.