Joan Metcalf – The Cacades

Last autumn Joe and I were at Winners looking for some sweet deals when I noticed that they had a pretty great selection of puzzles! I actually found one for a birthday present for our friends daughter and I just couldn’t resist their selection of Pomegranate puzzles.

The artist is Joan Metcalf, from Oregon. She paints landscapes of all things west coast.

This was a pretty fun puzzle to put together, I loved the colours in this particular image. I didn’t look at the box, just to savour it a little longer.

I did take photos of this and put it away on top of the bookshelf so that cats wouldn’t tear it apart. As I was taking it down a little later on, I totally dropped the entire thing on the floor, completely destroying the whole thing in just a couple seconds. Thankfully the cats were distracted and eating dinner, so I was able to put I away before I got their undivided attention. I was a little sad about that though 😦