8 Ball

This was another mini puzzle that I found at the thrift store. A vintage mini Nordevco puzzle from 1979 of an 8 Ball! I don’t know much about Nordevco but I have done two of their larger puzzles in the past, Beer After Beer and Collector’s Plates. They were awesome puzzles, maybe some of the more unique vintage puzzles I’ve done as far as the imagery is concerned. So I saw the brand at the bottom of the kids toys bin and very nearly dropped all the other mini puzzles that I was holding!

Seriously, what a score!

I absolutely love the graphics on the box and I’m amazed that it’s in such great shape for 1979.

What I also love about mini puzzles, is that they make great decor around the apartment and they don’t take up as much space as regular puzzles do. Puzzling is not a hobby for a person who can’t deal with clutter. This little treasure is 100 pieces and complete.