North Country Pike

This past winter a friend of mine had to move out of her place, that she had been in for 20 years! I had actually stopped by when she was packing up and organizing, and the apartment was huge. So rare for Vancouver. When she was cleaning, she had actually found a vintage puzzle tucked away in a closet that she hardly used. She messaged me to see if I’d be into it, and of course I said yes.

I mean look at this! What a crazy puzzle! She had no idea it was there for 20 years and who knows how long it was tucked away in that corner before she moved in. The puzzle was missing 6 pieces but all in all, it was pretty fun to assemble. I was also so impressed at how vibrant the colours were after all these years!

The brand is Fairchild – which I personally never came across but it was pretty similar to Somerville Games puzzles from the 50s and 60s. The fit was amazing and event though the puzzle was in rough shape, I thought this was such a special find. A bit of a time capsule.

The Puzzle People
Look at this pro!

650 pieces and missing 6 pieces.

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