Riviera, Port Venere

When I was 15 years old, I went on a trip to Germany for a summer to stay with relatives (and maybe to give my parents a teen free summer?) I stayed with my great aunt, Tante Mäußi, she is my Oma’s sister. She is a sassy lady, an amazing cook and baker, and a card shark. I also spent a week at my mum’s cousin’s place. He and his partner at the time were just about to head off to Italy for a vacation and they asked if I wanted to join them.

We went to a small Northern town, called Imperia, and it was amazing! It was on the ocean, we swam, had ice cream, walked in the hills, hiked to remote waterfalls in the mountains, I had my very first espresso. Andreas, my cousin, also invited a daughter of his friends, Sylvie. She was also 15 and had such a great time together. I will never forget this trip and I’d love to go back someday.

I bring this up, because this puzzle picture looks exactly like the town we stayed in.

This was such an interesting find! You can hopefully see the cut of this puzzle, the pieces are this strange triangular shape, which mad for quite a challenge! The picture was also a little faded which definitely added to the difficulty.

It’s a 1000 piece puzzle by Fairchild. I initially thought that I hadn’t tried this brand before but it turns out that I have done one of theirs in the past. You may remember the puzzle that my friend had found in her apartment when she was moving out of her place that she’d lived in for at least 20 years. Remember North Country Pike?

This was my second puzzle for the Let’s Get Away Puzzle Along and I had so much fun revisiting Italy through this lovely vintage puzzle, which was complete! There was a little wear and tear on the puzzle but I think that’s pretty good for a 50-60 year old puzzle.


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