Glow in the Dark – Jungle Illuminated

I have been so curious about these Glow in the Dark puzzles by Mudpuppy Puzzles for a while now. I had actually bought one for my friend’s son a few years ago of dinosaurs. I thought it was pretty cool, I love glow in the dark features, to puzzles, or stickers, when I was a kid, I had a pair of Doc. Martens that had glow in the dark soles!

Overall, the puzzle is adorable. All the animals are smiling in their sleep, even the snake! I love it. There are differences in the features of the animals in the glow in the dark version. On the puzzle box it actually lists the animals that are nocturnal separately. When the puzzle glows, it’s almost like a new picture. I would have definitely lost my mind as a kid, who are we kidding, I did get pretty excited when we turned out the light!

I was really impressed at how brightly it glowed too! I’ll posts some close up photos and you’ll actually be able to see the special glue or embossed printing on top of the regular picture. It does make me wonder how the puzzle would fare over time.

Sadly the puzzle was missing one piece, but right up in the top corner so that was kind of lucky. Would I buy another? Absolutely, I think it’s so fun!