Stamp Collectors Dream

I found this super bright and colourful White Mountain Puzzle at Value Village a couple months ago and picked it up immediately! White Mountain makes a lot of fun collage type puzzles, the pictures are vibrant and full of detail. It makes the puzzling so much fun, there’s so much to find and you never really get stuck. It’s a nice break if you go for challenging puzzles all the time.

Do I collect stamps? No.

I never really understood why people collect stamps, I’m sure there’s some value and history in some and they probably just think it’s neat. I collect puzzles I suppose, so is it really much different?

As a kid I remember collecting cards of Disney movies, I had cards from the Little Mermaid and from Beauty and the Beast. My mom and I would walk down the street to a local institution called “The Comic Shop” and I’d buy a pack of cards, maybe 5-10 per pack? If I had doubles, I trade with friends for the one that I needed.

I think I had the complete movie by the end of it all. I’m pretty sure that it was donated years ago to the thrift shop. I hope someone out there found them and thought it was an amazing score! Kind of how I feel when I find certain puzzles 🙂

This puzzle was 1000 pieces and complete. If you ever find a White Mountain puzzle, pick it up! They are fun, vibrant and great quality puzzles.