Exquisite Creatures II – Insect Art by Christopher Marley

Another beautiful release by Pomegranate Artpiece! I checked out Christopher Marley’s website and his work is stunning!

His hope is that his artwork will inspire appreciation for these amazing creatures and help slow habitat destruction. All of the creatures that he uses in his artworks are either reclaimed or sustainably harvested.

I was so struck at how beautiful and brightly coloured these insects were! I certainly don’t want to snuggle any of these guys but they are incredible!

Assembling this as a puzzle really gave me time to inspect the details without being too close to the bugs 🙂 Below you will find my favourite right in the middle of the photo.

And the next photo showcases Joe’s favourite. The blue and green speckled beetle.

I got this puzzle in a Bunz trade a few months ago, it is 1000 pieces and complete.

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