After my challenging 2000 piece puzzle of cars last week, I wanted something easy, colourful and fun! I had the perfect puzzle, another bright work of art by Romero Britto! This one was animal themed, which of course, is right up my alley.

Funny story, I had actually started this puzzle about 6 months ago on a day off and when it was near complete, I took a break to get dinner started. Not long after, Otto started to get the zooms and he ran full force onto the coffee table sliding along the tabletop because of the puzzle pieces and took the whole thing onto the floor with him in a mess of brightly coloured puzzle bits.

It’s pretty funny now that I think about it, but I was so upset and heartbroken! I just put the puzzle back in the box and got myself some foam core boards so I could stow my puzzles away up high on the book shelf.

This was manufactured by a TCG Toys in 2008 and it was pretty easy, I worked on it over an evening while listening to music with Joe. I have now since traded it on Bunz along with my insects puzzle for a cat bed for Otto and Alomar 🙂 All in all a great puzzle!

Another really awesome feature of this puzzles is all of the black outlines are glossy finish and the colourful parts are matte finish, it’s kind of hard to capture in a photo but I tried!