Colourful Sugared Doughnuts

Another easy, brightly coloured puzzle called Colourful Sugared Doughnuts. Call it like it is!

This is made by a brand called Puzzlebug, they are sold mostly at dollar stores, even though the pieces are thin and at some times bent, they were fairly sturdy and there was a sure fit all around! I was pleasantly surprised. I received these in a Bunz trade for a fleece zip up that I was no longer using, I got this one and another Puzzlebug, and a homemade soy candle! Not bad for a fleece 🙂

My first date with Joe was to Granville Island where we got a doughnut and coffee at Lee’s. Lee’s makes the best doughnuts in town, in my humble opinion, I absolutely love their honey dip, and most of their yeasted doughnuts. It was a great first date, as you may have guessed and we still head to Granville Island for doughnuts and coffee 🙂

500 pieces and complete!