Fireworks Symphony

I decided to assemble the second Puzzlebug puzz that I got in a Bunz trade. After the doughnuts puzzle, I was thinking I might just donate the second one, but in the end I thought why not put it together?

This one was a bit more challenging than the doughnuts but I was quite impressed that the pieces have a defined enough cut. The puzzle was missing one piece, just down in the right hand corner. But the colour was vibrant and the puzzle looked a lot prettier complete than it does on the box.

I am not the biggest fan of fireworks, I loved them as a kid, of course. Now I just find them too loud and they draw such a huge crowd, so I tend to stay away. During Expo 86 here in Vancouver, there were nightly fireworks for 6 months straight! Apparently a lot of house pets were quite traumatized by the noise, some even passed away from the stress and fear. That is another reason that I’m not really on board with fireworks anymore. Our old cat Smokey used to hate the fireworks in the summer, poor little guy!

I’ve since donated the puzzle and hopefully there’s a fireworks enthusiast out there assembling the puzzle of their dreams.