Here Spot!

I think my cats are a little concerned. Two DOG puzzles in a row?! I didn’t totally realize that I had chosen another dog puzzle from my to do pile until this one was complete. Then both cats came and sat on the puzzle. Worry? Protest?

But yes, Dalmatian puppies with bows on and coloured toys and on a black and white checkered floor! This puzzle screams 1993. I this this might have been around that time that I would have been watching 101 Dalmatian on repeat at home too! I was 11 years old when this puzzle came out.

I found this at Value Village and just couldn’t resist. These little puppies are so cute! When I laid out all the pieces last night, I will confess, I was a tad overwhelmed by all the black and white. I only assembled the toys and some of the ribbons, then I just put it away, I couldn’t imagine trying the black and white parts.

But today was perfect, I was doing the laundry and Joe was watching the baseball game. It’s also a bit hazy from the forest fires in BC here today so I thought, why not?

It actually went together faster than I thought, maybe two and a half hours in total? And, I was just so happy to see that this one was complete, I’ve had kind of a bad streak of very incomplete puzzles lately.

Look at that little one, nibbling on his friend’s ear! So cute!