Arlberg by Moonlight

What a score! I found a couple vintage Tuco puzzles at Value Village about a month ago. Joe and I stopped in and I had promised myself, no buying puzzles! I was a little overwhelmed at how many puzzles I had in a to do pile that was at home already. But we popped in and I went home with 5 puzzles, ha ha ha! Two vintage Tuco puzzles, 1 Pomegranate puzzle, and two Micropuzzles.

I haven’t done a Tuco Puzzle for a while, boy was it great! I can’t get over the quality of these, sure they’re mostly landscape pictures, maybe a little dated, but the pieces are just so sturdy and nice to put into place. I also love the greyness of this picture. It’s really beautiful.

The Arlberg is a mountain in the Alps, it’s highest peak is the Valluga – 2,811 metres! I’ve driven through the Alps a couple times, and they are so beautiful! It feels different from the Rockies, which of course…. Also beautiful!

Back to this puzzle, I love the wavy pieces in these old puzzles. They of course don’t really lock together and there’s no way you could ever pick it up, but I feel like that’s more of a feature of Springbok and other modern day puzzles. I pulled apart the pieces a bit and the result look like ski runs on the mountain, I love it!

The puzzle is over 500 pieces and complete. A true treasure!