Vintage Kellogg’s

There is a neat little shop on Hastings Street called the Learnery not too far away from our place that has a puzzle exchange program, you leave a puzz and take a puzz. Last weekend, Joe and I walked past in the morning on our way to pick some blackberries, when I spotted a vintage Springbok in the pile. I made a note to find a puzzle to swap and come back later.

This one is not that vintage Springbok puzzle that I saw but, naturally… I brought a couple puzzles to trade. I picked up this one too. A collection of Vintage Rice Krispies ads!

I didn’t realize it, but this puzzle is made by Karmin International as well, what do you know? Two in a row!

I loved this puzzle, text, pictures, little grid layout. It was so much fun!

I cracked it open the day I got it from the swap and finished it the same evening. A perfect Sunday, if you ask me. This is a 1000 piece puzzle and is complete.

Do you all remember Snap, Crackle and Pop having such long noses?? I do not remember this.